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Central Counselling
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About Me

When looking for support there can be so many things to consider. Looking at all the different profiles with qualifications and experience can be a bit mind boggling!

So why take your next step with ME?

I am Accredited as a Therapist and also as a Trainer. This enables me to offer an approach which blends knowledge of theory and practice not only from working with clients but also teaching counselling students as they develop into qualified practitioners.  I also offer supervision to other practitioners, from their time as students through to being qualified and working towards their own accreditation..


These added elements of my own professional development means I have extensive experience not only supporting those who are struggling but also helping to get student counsellors and qualified therapists as they develop their own knowledge and skills and ways of working.



A Pluralistic Approach

Training and Supervision
Pluralistic Counselling and Therapy
Student and Counsellor Supervision

 I am able to work face to face, on the telephone, by email and through using zoom platform for online sessions.  For more information click on the link below.

As a tutor for several years, I have encountered many different approaches, ways of being and working.  This allows me to draw from a rich menu to help clients decide what feels like the best approach to help them.  See link below for further information.

After qualifying as a practitioner, I became a Tutor Assistant and felt it was necessary to underpin this work with the supervision theories and models to ensure I was being of best use to the students I was working with.  Since qualifying I have supported many students and qualified practitioners and continue to do so.

Tutor at Introduction, Certificate and Diploma Level

When I started out my learning journey, I never dreamed I would be the one standing at the front of the class helping others to find their path towards counselling training and therapy.  This is challenging and demanding work, however the joy when seeing students reach their goals is beyond words.

Mindfulness and Yoga

Not content with discovering how the mind can help or hinder us, I also decided to study how this knowledge links to body health and wellness.  I was particularly interested how the body and mind cope with trauma and puzzled by why these areas seem to be so separate when working towards wellness.

Counselling Connections

Counselling and therapy can be a tough gig and my learned over the years has emphasised the need for good self care, reflection and connection.  These are essential if we are to remain in this field for any significant length of time.  I encourage and welcome contact from other practitioners and organisations.

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